Modern Day Snowbirds: How to leave winter and work abroad for 6 weeks

Are you ready to get out of this cold winter weather?! (We are, it’s currently -12 F as I write this). Which is why Jonny and I are so excited to become Modern Day Snowbirds and are flying out today for 6 weeks of remote work in Oaxaca, Mexico!

Whenever we tell this to people the response is always “What?!  Cool!  How??”

Let me give you some backstory…

Last year, when Jonny and I were talking about moving from Colorado to Minnesota, I told Jonny that if we moved to MN that we could work abroad for part of the winter to escape the frozen tundra that is Duluth from Jan – March.

He agreed to move to Duluth and I kept good on my word.  Hence us finding a way to work abroad this winter.

So, this past spring, we were hanging out with some of our Colorado friends and started talking about how we all had the ability to work remotely and that we should rent a house in Mexico and go work there for a bit this winter!

Typically, when people have a big idea like this, they say “yeah that sounds fun!” and then never take action on it.

But we took immediate action and made it happen.

We found a gorgeous house to rent and are will be living and working together for 6 weeks!  It is pretty much going to be Real World Mexico….but hopefully with way less drama. 😉

I can’t wait for this adventure together with my husband and friends.

It is going to be a huge experiment – but one that hopefully works out well and then we can continue to be “Modern Snowbirds” every year!

Here are a few tips on how we were able to make these 6 weeks of remote work in Mexico a reality:

  1. We’ve created careers that allow us to have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.  I remember how at one point this idea of remote work was just a dream of mine, but over the past 6 years I’ve worked really hard to make this a reality.  I’ve invested in myself, in coaching and in receiving support so that I could make this happen.  I’m confident there is no way that I would be at this place in my business if I hadn’t invested in myself in this way.  I’ve been coached over and over and over again – because yes, even life coaches need life coaches.
  2. This wasn’t a last minute decision.  We’ve been planning this for over 7 months.  We’ve taken our time, met multiple times with our friends we will be living with, created agreements around our living situation, and kept the planning process super fun.
  3. We found ways to make this as affordable as possible.  We have someone sub-leasing our house while we are gone.   We’ve arranged for someone to take care of our dog.  We have friends coming to visit and they are renting out our guest room in Mexico to help offset the rent there.  And we have been saving over the past 7 months so that financially we are all set for this trip.
  4. Travel and Adventure are core values of mine and Jonny, so we make sure to live our lives according to those values.  This means that no matter how complicated it is to leave our lives in Minnesota for 6 weeks, we are willing to make it happen because we know that travel lights us up and makes us feel alive – so we do what it takes to do that!

Alright, we are about to hop on our flight!  But make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with our journey while we are there!

I’ll send updates along the way….

Con Amor y Abrazos,

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