Interested in working with Elsie? Here are some inspiring stories that others have shared about their work with her…

Khadija Assales
Business Owner and Artist at Kaj Expressions, Belize

“When I first started working with Elsie, I was feeling unmotivated, unfulfilled and overwhelmed with my life and business. I was having a hard time balancing work and personal life. I felt stuck! And as a working, single mom of 3, I was having a hard time prioritizing myself and could feel myself burning out.

Now, after my time coaching with Elsie, I am feeling much more motivated, fulfilled in my life, I am speaking up and using my voice more, and managing my business from a space of Authentic Leadership.  I am challenging misbeliefs that would have held me back in the past, and I have created structures in my business to help set me up for success.

The biggest value that I have received through coaching is that I learned how to value myself.  My self-confidence has been boosted and I believe in myself and what I am capable of now more than ever! Elsie has taught me valuable tools that have helped me to get through difficult times with ease. Choosing Elsie as a coach has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and business! ”

Esther Hansen
Owner, Fort Collins Weight Loss and Nutrition

When I started working with Elsie I was empty, burnt out, stressed out, overwhelmed and lacking confidence.  Elsie coached compassionately, skillfully and non-judgementally, offering concrete tools to support me.  I feel like I’ve emerged with clarity, confidence, and joy, ready to forge ahead smarter and more aware.  I tell all my friends and family about her transformative work.  Elsie is a life-saver.”

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

When I first started working with Elsie, I was struggling to take time for myself and putting everyone else’s needs above my own.  As a mom of 2 young boys, I was putting a lot of energy towards my family and business, I was feeling drained and unfulfilled and knew that something needed to change.

Throughout my time with Elsie, my attitude towards myself gradually changed.  I feel much more at peace, I’m more confident and life feels much more joyful and fun.  I have learned to more easily identify what is needed, whether in myself or my family members.  My self-care has done a 180 and I’m creating time for myself without feeling guilty about it and making myself a priority again.  Taking care of myself is making it much easier to be a guidepost for my family, and seeing that impact has been substantial.  I’m growing my doTERRA business in a way that feels authentic and fun and I am so excited about my future.

Through coaching, Elsie was able to pull the deeper stuff out of me, which allowed me to get to my truth in a way that I had never experienced before.  This helped improve my relationships on all levels – with my husband, my business, my finances, my family and most importantly, with myself. Thank you Elsie for the time we spent, the growth I’ve had, and the eagerness and gratitude for what lies ahead.”

Vice President of Human Resources

“When I began working with Elsie, it was at one of the most painful times in my life.  While I had achieved a level of success in the corporate world that I’d worked more than a decade to reach–I was burnt out, joyless, disconnected, unhealthy and desperate for purpose. Almost immediately, Elsie helped me (with her combination of acceptance, tools and guidance) create a future map. 

In the six months we worked together, I was able to resign from the career I was petrified to leave and accepted a position that was exactly what I had envisioned (during a powerful exercise in one of our sessions).  She also helped me to reconnect with myself and rebuild trust, which resulted in a 20 pound weight loss and an excitement for life again.  In a few short months of working with Elsie, I made greater strides than I had in the last two years.

While I still have things I’m working on, I feel more equipped to make those decisions with what I’ve learned from our time together.  I am grateful for having the chance to work with Elsie, she has helped me transform my life!!

Herbalife Personal Wellness Coach

“Before being referred to Elsie from other womanpreneurs, I had hit a plateau within my business and had felt that it was me that needed to change.  While I had been very successful in the past, I realized that to move forward, I would need to take steps to learn how to be authentic with myself, others and my business.  I reached out to Elsie because of the tangible results my friends had achieved and the love and support I heard and felt from our first conversation together.

Fast forward to today, I have more than doubled my sales, created a business that community members LOVE being a part of, and have a strong vision set for future expansion.  Most importantly, together we are redefining how I run my business, into a fun and authentic expression of someone I have fallen in love with. . . ME!  The person that I am becoming is up-leveling every area of my life; relationships, team dynamics and family have all benefited in amazing ways!

Coaching with Elsie WILL change your life.  I encourage you to put her on your team!  You are so worth it!”

Herbalife Personal Wellness Coach

“I’ve been coaching with Elsie for a few months now and the experience has been rewarding, uncomfortable at times, and quite frankly pretty freaking awesome! I have learned so much about myself and what I have to offer the world through the help of Elsie! I have moved from my own worst-critic to my own biggest cheerleader! Through coaching with Elsie I have learned my own magic in my business and as a result I get to go to work and feel really good everyday! I haven’t had this high of personal production since my first year of being in Herbalife and, even better, I now know how to make a difference in people’s lives; the people I work with have changed from numbers to human beings! I’m so grateful to you Elsie for providing space for me to see my own greatness and encouraging me to show up in it with my family, clients, friends, and in every area of my life!!!”

Founder & Artistic Director, Tinylicious Videos for Changemakers

“Today I am grateful beyond words. It’s been over 3 months since I decided to start working with Elsie . She has really helped get where I wanted to go and not only helped me with building my Healing Practice, but also with my inward goals and intentions. Not only from a physical point of view, but the healing that has happened within me and continues to unfold is immense. Last week I decided to renew my coaching contract with her, not only because I know I will continue to get to where I want to go, but because I want to commit myself to my own growth and expansion in every area of my life. Last night I witnessed her magic unfold in the most loving support I could ask for. Here’s to 6 more months!”

Herbalife Personal Wellness Coach

“Before I started working with Elsie I was a nervous wreck about almost everything.  I questioned my ability to be strong and successful on my own and even more so questioned my trust for making the right choices in life and business.   After just the 1st intro session with Elsie I felt a strange sense of calm.  I was more confident and had the reassurance that I was making one of the best decisions I could for myself and my family by hiring her as my coach.

After our months of working together I had seen incredible growth in my life and business.  There is so much value in working with Elsie, and for me the number one thing I saw was the incredible personal growth that I developed through learning to really love myself authentically.  

Thank you Elsie for everything you have done and continue to do for so many of us!”

Musician and Entrepreneur

“Elsie is a complete joy to work with! Her presence and loving are amazingly palpable, even over the phone. I always feel so beautifully supported, heard, and expertly guided to my truth. I went from being depressed, stuck, and in pain, to feeling excited and open to possibility in very short order. Before working with her, I could not even envision how I would get through middle age, and in 2 sessions with Elsie my life shifted radically! I have a new relationship to 35 years of living with chronic pain…I’ve started dating again….and I am in the process of due diligence, seriously considering taking a huge risk in borrowing $800K to buy a thriving business that is perfectly in my wheelhouse! Simply amazing.”

Senior Brand Manager

“When I had my introductory session with Elsie I wasn’t sure what to expect. At the end of the first session I knew that this was something I needed to commit to in order to better myself, my work, my family and more. Throughout our sessions we hit many different areas of life including work, managing stress, having a healthy home and life and motivating me to be healthier. Each time talking with Elsie allowed me to slow down, process and regroup for the upcoming week.”

Inside Sales Specialty Consultant

Prior to coaching with Elsie, I was working for the same company for the past 8 years and was starting to feel burnt out. The hours I was working, the office drama and the lack of flexibility really weighed on me as a wife and mother of 2 toddlers. I would go to work and come home exhausted, which didn’t allow me to be fully present with my family. I was going through the motions of life – but not living it.

Throughout coaching, Elsie and I figured out what my Genius Zone was and created my ideal scene for my career. I kept this ideal scene in my mind at all times and kept envisioning that one day it would come true.  A few months later the company I had been interviewing with let me know about an open position and I applied right away. I ended up getting the job (it was everything that was on my ideal scene) and I am the happiest I have been in years!

Elsie helped me discover that I have a lot of transferable skills and that I didn’t need to settle for just any job. I could create my dream job and look forward to going to work everyday. I have found that and am so thankful to my wonderful friend for helping me get there.”

Outreach Coordinator

“Transformational doesn’t even begin to describe it. Elsie’s coaching helped me do an 180 with my life.

Her kindness, belief, validation, knowledge, training, and skill took me from a very low point in my life where I was angry and didn’t even recognize myself, to a new fresh start that fit the mold of what my dream job and living scenario was. She helped me open up opportunities for myself and held me accountable to making progress and going for the big things. I don’t love exercises, but the ones we worked through all held value in their own little, or big, ways.

Elsie coaches with her whole heart and soul, and that is why she is so successful and effective. I felt safe, valued, comforted, and lifted up in every session with Elsie. I left with a newfound sense of confidence, direction, and a dream job halfway across the country I never thought I would have. After 7 years of trying, she helped me make it happen. I still look back in disbelief…I never thought it would happen!

The light and love within Elsie is powerful, not only in her physical presence during all coaching sessions, but also in her outside commitment to her clients. She consistently gives of herself.

I am so grateful that Elsie was willing to help me when I was in a tough spot, and there isn’t a way you can put a monetary value on what she has given me. I truly feel like I have my life back. Or rather, a new and incredibly improved life! When I look in the mirror, I see me. I’m excited for what my future holds, and I can’t wait to work with her in the future on other areas of my life.”

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Group Creative Director

“When I first started coaching with Elsie, I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed and out of control with my work/life balance.  To be honest, I wasn’t even sure that coaching really worked, but my wife strongly suggested that I give it a try – and I’m so glad that I did.

Throughout my time with Elsie I have learned so many tools that I now apply to my everyday life that help me run my life the way that I want it, instead of having my work run me.  It has helped me to slow down and focus on the life that I want to live instead of living day-to-day on default.  I’m now more present with my family, I’m reclaiming my time and I’m even getting back out on the soccer field and doing fun things for me.  Thank you so much Elsie for such an amazing experience!

Account Executive, Client Partnership

“I first started working with Elsie over 2 and half years ago and I cannot believe the difference of where I was then and where I am now. I was at a point in my life where I just didn’t know what to do next. My best friend had recommended I call Elsie and I was very hesitant because I lived in Michigan and I just wasn’t sure if I could connect with someone in this way over the phone. Little did I know how powerful those phone calls were going to become. 

I distinctly remember creating my first Ideal Scene with Elsie and at the very end she said, “Okay and when will you be starting this transition?” I had replied with, “Well, I was going to say one year but since you said it needs to be 50% realistic, I’ll say two.” And that was the only time Elsie had laughed at me because she said, “No no no… I’m talking MONTHS.” About 4 months later, I had moved across the country to Denver and was living out my Ideal Scene. 

The difference with working with Elsie is that you know and talk about your end goal, but then she helps you bite it off in workable chunks and holds you accountable. Years later, I still go back to my life coaching notes and am applying the concepts I learned from Elsie to my everyday life. Life coaching with Elsie was the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Entrepreneur/Owner – Evergrain Bread Company 

“To say that Elsie’s expertise and skill was valuable in facilitating my process over the last year would be an understatement. With my busy schedule as a business owner and single dad, I thought at certain moments I would not be able to rise and meet my challenges. Elsie helped me stay firmly anchored in my authentic self by helping me navigate and manage my fears and limiting beliefs through her loving presence and thoughtful reflections. She also was a terrific sounding board for whatever I was going through that allowed me to take a step back and make crucial, effective, and beneficial decisions in triumphing over intimidating situations. Every session left me feeling empowered and encouraged to take the next step in my life. Because of my amazing year with Elsie I stand ready and excited at the precipice of opening my next business!

Herbalife Personal Wellness Coach

“When I first reached out to Elsie regarding coaching, I had experienced working with other coaches before and thought I knew what I would be getting.  What I got, however, has FAR surpassed all of my wildest expectations of what I could get out of coaching and what a coach could bring to me, my life, my business, and my family.

Elsie is a whole life coach – not limited to one area.  She will go down paths with you that you didn’t even know were waiting to be explored.  She has helped me find balance, a direction for living MY fullest life, and has helped me foster the skills to stay intentional with the goals I set for myself and being sure they line up with my core values.

I love working with Elsie and have not hesitated to recommend her services to colleagues, family, and friends who are looking to live their best life.

Photographer and Business Owner

“Elsie, I just want to say a big thank you again for all your amazing work, it has made a huge difference in my life and is something that I continue to see and think of all the time. Before I was started working with you I was struggling with both personal relationships after a breakup and kind of lost as to what was important to me in my life. Without you, I would have struggled with these issues for a long time and risked making the same mistakes again and again.

Elsie, you took the time to work with me and my personality type and find tools, actions and feedback in a structured way that enabled me to find myself again and get myself back on track, and become a better, happier me, with a vision and mission, at the same time strengthening my personal relationships, my work and my new relationship. It is no exaggeration to say that the work we did together made me into a more complete, happier and fulfilled person.

Banker, Switzerland

“The biggest value that I received from coaching with Elsie was knowing that she was here to look at my situation from a unique perspective and help me see the things that I could not see. 

She was able to get beyond my stories and have a higher view of the situation, which was so valuable.  Knowing that she was there for me to talk to and hold me accountable to getting out of my comfort zone and growing really supported me as well.  Thank you Elsie!”

International Director, Peru

“I would like to share my experiences over the last 10 months coaching under the guidance of Elsie. Since working with her, I consider myself a happier and more powerful person. I have improved my relationship with myself and my family and have learned to recognize my fears and turn them into my strengths.  

This coaching process has also impacted my performance at work – since I am happier in my personal life it makes me more confident in my professional life as well; I’ve received a promotion, a salary raise, and my team work and annual budget have been increased.

Elsie does not tell you what to do, she has you make your own decisions according to your values and life goals. She is constantly there with you and for you; especially when something happens in your life and you really need her support – she is there for you 100%. Thank you Elsie you are the best coach I have ever had in my life.

Thankful yesterday, today and every day.”

Herbalife Personal Wellness Coach

“After a year of coaching with Elsie my personal, spiritual and business life has been transformed.  She has been instrumental in the growth I have had into the wife, mother and business woman that I am today.  I will be forever grateful for Elsie and her coaching.”

Project Coordinator

“When Elsie offered me the gift of a life coaching session I was interested but a little unsure as to how it could help me. I imagined she might tell me things I already knew but just wasn’t putting into practice and that I might, at best, learn one or two new tips. However, I was blown away by how helpful the session was! After just one hour I felt light and enlivened and excited about achieving my goals rather than weighed down with the pressure of them. I asked for tangible, practical steps to move forward and I ended the session with, not only that, but also some huge insights into what had been holding me back.

Nurse Practitioner 

“I have been working with Elsie for about 6 months, and it has been incredible. Before I started working with her, I felt stuck, not knowing where to go next, but knowing that I needed to make changes in my life. I felt like my job and living situation were fine, but I didn’t want to settle with just “fine”.  I also struggled with a lack of positivity in my life, but again I could have settled, though chose not to – so signed up for coaching.

I started coaching with Elsie and together we developed my dream job and my dream living situation, and both came true within two months of creating my new dream! I now love going to work and love going home to my new house! Elsie has helped me reconnect with positivity and help me to become a “manifestor” of what my heart desires. I signed up for another 6 months as I have found these first months absolutely invaluable. After just one session with Elsie, I knew it was the right choice for me.”

Massage Therapist and Esthetician

“Over the last 6 months since I have started working with Elsie I have felt a shift in my life. This shift is believing and seeing the ideas of what I want in life starting to come true. The sessions I have experienced with Elsie have pushed me to to be clear about the wants and needs I desire for my life so that I may attain them. One session we had together, we were creating an ideal scene of a home. At the time I was living in a place I was not content with. I described to her details for what I hoped for. Several months later I was doing laundry in a new apartment when I realized that this apartment had several things in it that I had described to her when I was wishing for a new place to live. That’s when I started to believe I can change my world. The more clarity I have in knowing what I long for allows for a higher chance of it occurring. 
The time Elsie has spent with me is remarkable! I feel heard, respected and satisfied after each session. I look forward to continuing working with her. It’s a way for me to check in and stay accountable for pursuing my dreams.”

Operations Manager

“Elsie cared about what I was going through and because of her knowledge and experience, she was able to give me tools to help me process my feelings. Elsie taught me different exercises to use in my daily life and challenged me to stop making excuses and take action. Coaching sessions with Elsie have helped me think more positively, be more kind to myself, and be proactive. I am very thankful for the sessions we had and recommend her to anyone who hopes to live life to the fullest.”

Director and Teacher, Wind Ridge Schoolhouse

“I began working with Elsie at a time in my life when I was overwhelmed with many decisions to make. Elsie’s coaching helped me refine my purpose, focus my energy, and move forward with intention.”

Customer Services and Systems Support, England

“Elsie is an amazing coach! I feel very lucky that I had the chance of working with Elsie at a very important time in my life.  When we first started working together, it was at a time that I felt most vulnerable…I had to make big decisions in almost every aspect of my life. I was an individual totally disconnected with herself. I was going through a break up, didn’t have a vision as far as my career was concerned and I was very unconfident in almost every other area of my life.

Elsie taught me how to tackle those negative feelings and how important listening to my gut is.  Her coaching sessions brought me closer with my own self and helped me find out how I wanted to live my one and only life. After only a few months of guidance from Elsie, I now know to love myself first. I have a new job opportunity which I never thought would be possible, and there are more than a few guys interested in me.  Additionally, my previously weak relationship with my mother transformed….it is like miracle!! I strongly recommend Elsie`s service. She is so much fun!! She is so loveable.  I enjoyed every session with Elsie; I couldn’t wait for each session with her! ”

“Anyone who has been successful has had a coach, mentor or teacher who has pushed them to be uncomfortable.  Are you ready to move past your comfort zone so you can create the life of your dreams?”

            – Elsie