Are you selfish if you take time for yourself?

Does it feel like taking time for yourself = being selfish?

That’s a limiting story we tell ourselves – one that I have told myself in the past.  And it’s one that won’t set us up for success in 2019.

So tell me, when did you last take time just for you?

I know you’re busy. You’ve got a career, a business, family, bills to pay, and plenty of other responsibilities.  With a life like that, taking time for yourself often gets put towards the bottom of the list.

As you think about 2019, is it time to create space just for you?  You deserve you-time.

No, it’s not selfish, because you need to take care of yourself first, so you can then go and take care of others, and take care of all the other responsibilities you have.

The problem is, most people take a vacation that leaves them more exhausted, or more disappointed, than when they started.  They either have to do it all on their own and spend the time to put together an itinerary, and cram as much in as possible so you make it worth it, or you do a “stay-cation” where you basically just take time off so you finally have time to catch up on the other things you need to do.  It may be relaxing, but it’s certainly not inspiring.

Well, we want to invite you to consider a 3rd option: a retreat that would help you take real time off, just for yourself.  One that will could you become a more loving partner, a more patient parent, a better employee, a more successful business owner.


By helping you find strength you didn’t know you had…and having fun in the process.

Join us in Oaxaca, Mexico on our next surf retreat May 4-10, 2019.  Where you’ll not only learn how to surf (or improve if you already know how), but use it as a catalyst for your own inner transformation.

And, if you don’t know how to surf, you’re in luck: we’re not that good at it either. Knowing how to surf is not the point.


Different from other retreats we’ve led in the past, this one is even more about getting to know ourselves and pushing our limits.

In the past we’ve gone zip lining 1000 feet above the valley floor off a cliff in Peru, and we’ve jumped off a high bridge, 20 feet into the river below in Belize.

These experiences can be scary and exhilarating, and they create huge opportunities for self-reflection.


And that’s why we’re choosing surfing.  How we relate to surfing, whether fear comes up, or frustration, or excitement, or joy is how we relate to other things in our lives.  So whatever our experience is, we will use that to begin our self-exploration and learn to know ourselves even more.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never surfed a day in your life – it’s possible that may even be to your benefit, since it may create more emotions to work with.

And don’t worry, we’re not surfing 10 hours a day.  There will be plenty of downtime for reflection and relaxation, and also time for adventure and getting to see more of Mexico.  But this trip is less about exploring Mexico, and more about exploring ourselves.

Still questioning if you want to join us?  Don’t take our word for it…see what past participants have said who joined us on previous retreats!

“No matter how much you have traveled, you are in for an inspiring, meaningful and amazing experience unlike any other journey on a Turning Life Gold trip. I have taken two trips with Elsie and Jonny and they were unforgettable.” – Linda

“Thanks to Elsie’s loving intuition and Jonny’s compassionate leadership, my experience was deeply healing and emotionally transformative. I’m so grateful I said ‘yes’ to this opportunity because I’ve never been part of something so uplifting and fulfilling. It is a decision I’m already seeing the impact of and one which my future self will continue to thank me for!” – Dawn

“The inner journey of working with Elsie and Jonny was magical enough in itself and would have been a transformative and worthwhile trip even if we weren’t in absolute paradise! Together they make a truly unique team, their strengths compliment each other so beautifully and they each led by example with being fully present and playful in every experience.” – Sequoia

We would love to have you join us!  And if you know someone who would love to have this experience, please share!

For more details, head to the website and we would love to surf with you this May!

In Love and Light,