The 6 Positions of an Intimate Relationship

Our intimate relationships are one of the most important area of our lives, as rarely does any other area bring more joy or pain than that of our these types of relationships.

We are all looking for this this magical type of love, and we all want someone that we adore who adores us in return.

The first key to creating and being in an amazing, fulfilling relationship, however, is to first work on you: to always be striving to strip away your fears, to be more of who you authentically are, and to decide to focus on what you can give to your partner.

This starts with be honest with yourself and understanding where you really are in terms of your intimate relationship.


Position 1:  A magnificent relationship with love and passion
Position 2: A relationship with love, but little or no passion.
Position 3: A relationship with not much love and not much passion.
Position 4: You are planning your escape.
Position 5: You are not in a relationship but want to be in one.
Position 6: You are not in a relationship and don’t want to be in one.

Take a few moments right now to answer the following questions for yourself…

  1. Which position are you really in right now?
  2. Why are you in that position?
  3. Which position are you committed to being in?
  4. What’s it going to take to get you there?

If you are in positions 1-4, my husband Jonny and I would love to invite you to join us on a Couple’s Retreat to Belize this June and put your relationship at the top of your To-Do list.

This isn’t a party trip.  This isn’t couples therapy.  This is a Couple’s Retreat.  It is time for the two of you to connect, have fun, learn relationship tools and explore a new country together.

Come join us and move your relationship to Position 1 (or if you are already there – then come and make sure it stays there!).  Check out our website and then email me to set up a short call to talk further.

In Love and Light,