If you are too busy for self-care…then you are too busy…

Ladies – it’s time to stop using your business as an excuse for why you can’t practice self-care.

I’ve heard all of these excuses from women in the past two weeks:

“I am so busy with my business…so I can’t make time for myself….or I can’t exercise….or I can’t take a bath…or I can’t eat healthy….or I can’t attend this event that would fill my Soul…and I can’t join this mastermind….because I’m just overwhelmed with how busy my business is….I’m sure you understand.”

No. Actually I don’t understand – because I don’t choose to let my business run me.

I run my business.

Meaning, I prioritize self-care. I prioritize receiving support through coaching, peer-groups, masterminds, etc. I prioritize my personal growth before my business – because I’m not willing to have a business that is built on fumes where I am teetering on the verge of burnout.

And you shouldn’t either.

But yet, I continue to see this happening over and over again – especially with women.

So what do we do about it?

Well…start with challenging the limiting belief that if you take a few hours away from your business so that you can receive support, that it will fall apart.

Challenge the limiting belief that responding to emails is more important that you eating a healthy meal.

Challenge the limiting belief that you need to do it all on your own and it is weak to ask for support.

Challenge the limiting belief that it is selfish to invest in yourself.

Challenge the limiting belief that you need to give to everyone else (your kids, your spouse, your clients, etc) and that there just isn’t time to give to you.

And then remember that practicing self-care can start with small steps.

It looks like taking a bath. Journaling. Calling a mentor. Or a coach. Or a friend. Gathering with girlfriends. Taking a week off and going on a retreat that will fill your Soul.

Whatever it is, just take care of you…because you are worth it. And the success of your business depends on you being able to take care of yourself.

Because if you are too busy to practice self-care…you are too busy. Period.

Want an easy way to start self care? Download my Purpose Path Journal for free and commit to 10 minutes a day of fulfilling “you” time.